RWA trading

Open dOTC (decentralized over-the-counter) is a public goods service for trading tokenized real world assets.

“Swarm launches permissionless trading platform for tokenized real-world assets”


How it works

The peer-to-peer (P2P) contract facilitates high-value transactions, and removes slippage and counterparty risk. Place a buy or sell order into the market for virtually any asset, using the dOTC contract.

Much like an escrow account, assets held by the smart contract can only be redeemed to a crypto wallet once all terms have been fulfilled. The smart contract replaces the need for financial intermediaries, typically found in complex and costly OTC trading arrangements in traditional financial markets.


Trading fees
burn $SMT


$SMT was created by Swarm Markets to power incentives on its trading platform.

$SMT is an ERC-20 token closely linked with the tokenization of real world assets narrative.

Trading fees from the Open dOTC platform automatically buy and burn $SMT.

Swarm is a blockchain platform that brings traditional assets on chain, which can be traded and borrowed against by retail clients at no minimum investment.